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Sep 27, 2021

Gemma Amor joins us to talk ALIEN. We're looking at science, humanity, the expendability of employees, differing forms of the slasher narrative and a woman who has the answers, but no one wants to listen.


Sep 20, 2021

Director Natasha Kermani and author @HightowerLaurel join us to talk LUCKY. We're looking at the horrors women deal, toxic relationships, random threats, exhaustion, the will to fight back and how men can actually help.



WE ARE WOLVES (Short story anthology featuring female authors. Proceeds go...

Sep 12, 2021

Dwan L. Hearn joins us to talk High Tension. We talk psychology, what makes a great twist, whether we view the film as homophobic/transphobic, and question just were the hell that truck came from.


Sep 6, 2021

Author Chris Vander Kaay joins us for a look at The Wolf of Snow Hollow.  We're discussing masculinity, addiction, control, family relationships, taxidermy, and fighting the monsters within us all.