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May 30, 2021

The Terrofic Lady joins us to talk MANDY. The male gaze, the fragility of the male ego, the lasting effects of trauma, crazy demon cults coming to get you and chainsaw fights!


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May 24, 2021

"If you lost hope, then bad things happen." Thomas Brungardt talks THE MIST with us. We're looking at shitty neighbors, religious zealots, alien bugs, and how a great ending can make you think the rest of the film was awesome.


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May 17, 2021

Vincent V. Cava joins us to discuss VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN. From Murphy trying to gaslight a woman into him being her only option, to the Julius got the come up of the century, how things look different on the outside than the inside, and we explore why no one thought it was weird their preacher took them down a dark...

May 10, 2021

Hailey Piper talks HELLRAISER with us. We discuss pleasure/pain, Barker's influence on LGBTQ writers, Kirsty's strong character arc, Jesus imagery, and why the Cenobites aren't demons.


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May 3, 2021

Shelly Grant from the BS Movies Podcast joins us to talk about nice guys, the dangers women face daily, the lasting affects of trauma, and why this film isn't the rape-revenge tale people expected it to be.


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