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Sep 30, 2019

This is not a test. Are we ever REALLY safe? Would you betray someone to save yourself? How many people have a reason to kill you? What will you do on night of THE PURGE?

Sep 23, 2019

James Sabata and Don Guillory sat down with SciFi author Edward Savio to talk Beetlejuice, our shared love of Michael Keaton, an afterlife of servitude, the importance of image, and the true meaning of family

Sep 17, 2019

The summer they'd never forget. It wasn't just a movie. Stand By Me affected each of their lives in a major way. Join us as we discuss the social commentary and lasting legacy of this film.

Sep 9, 2019

Horror and SciFi go hand in hand. Don and James sit down with Brian Haas to talk technology take overs in Terminator and T2, stories about machines posing as humans and humans evolving into robots.

Sep 2, 2019

Night of the Living Dead horrified audiences with its frightening exploration with alienation, cannibalism, loss of identity, and violence and gore. But the real horror asked: Who is the true enemy?