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Nov 21, 2022

We take a look at Wendell and Wild and discuss proper representation, the importance of a cultural consultant, the school-to-prison pipeline, capitalism, dead people voting, and more.



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Nov 13, 2022

Horror author MicahelBrent Collings stops by to talk about the latest Predator movie, PREY. We're talking the importance of representation, accuracy, and respect to cultures, the suspension of belief when humans use alien technology, and a lot of comments about Halloween Ends.


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Nov 6, 2022

Danger Slater joins us to talk about An American Werewolf in London. We're looking at the werewolf as symbolism of the Jewish faith, why you should chase hot girls in Italy, the abrupt ending, the transformation, whether there was even a werewolf at all, and why you shoudln't stand naked in a den of wolves.


Nov 4, 2022

Throughout the month of October 2020, we looked at  each episode of The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror! They made us do it again last year... and now again THIS year... So we're here looking at THE POOKADOOK, DEATH TOME, and SIMPSONS WORLD... as well as the bonus episode NOT IT.

Enjoy... or at least don't...