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Mar 1, 2021

Dr. Michael Blouin joins us to talk his new book STEPHEN KING AND AMERICAN POLITICS and to deep dive into IT Chapters 1 and 2. We're talking friendships, the reciprocal nature of our relationship with society, problematic representation in King novels and adaptations. Don't worry. We actually deliver a good ending.

Feb 22, 2021

Author Tim Waggoner joins us to talk about IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS. We explore the themes of insanity, isolation, destiny vs free will, religion, and more.


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Feb 15, 2021

William Sterling joins us to talk about the social commentary in SAW, from the claims Kramer makes to the characterization of Lawrence and Adam, views of torture porn and a better pitch for Saw VII.



Feb 11, 2021

Gory Cory joins us to talk social commentary in FREAKY. We're talking high school, identity, gender fluidity, a search for self, the meaning of family, and more.



Feb 8, 2021

Horror author Mike Thorn joins us to talk social commentary in COLOR OUT OF SPACE. We talk isolation, environmentalism, family, tomatoes, alpaca milk, and Lovecraft's undying racism.

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